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We’ll watch them play while you work out! Our KidZone services are provided for parents while you are attending classes, using the Y for fitness, or participating in recreational activities within the facility. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for your children.


How We Work

We will care for your child in our KidZone for up to two hours while you work out. It’s FREE for those who have a Y Family Membership and is designed for children 2 months to 10 years of age.

Please note: Times and age groups may vary from branch to branch.


Reservations are required for our INFANT program (2-24 months), to help keep our staff-to-child ratios and maintain a safe environment.  Please call 616.897.8445 to make your reservation no more than 24 hours in advance.

Check In/Out Procedure

Parents bringing any child into the KidZone must follow these guidelines:

  1. A picture ID (preferably Membership ID card) must be given to the KidZone desk staff for both the parent and the child in order for a child to be signed in.
  2. Children in the KidZone will be assigned identification.
  3. Only the person dropping off the child may pick the child up unless noted on the sign in sheet at check in and have a picture ID.
  4. All bags/belongings should be clearly labeled and the child and parent will receive corresponding numbers.

For pick up:

  1. Please turn in your tag at the desk.
  2. Sign your child out and retrieve ID.
  3. Pick up your child and belongings. For security purposes, no one is allowed beyond the
    gate unless given permission.

KidZone Rules

  1. Due to health and safety reasons, children must wear socks in the KidZone. Please bring socks with you. If you forget, you can pay for socks at the Member Service Desk for $1 a pair.
  2. Children are allowed to be in the KidZone for a maximum of two hours (1-1/2 hours for children 2-24 months). There is a $1 late fee per minute for picking up your child after the allotted time frame or after closing hours.
  3. The KidZone are free services for those with a family membership.  If you bring a child that is not a Y member, there is a $3/child per visit fee.  Please pay this fee at the Member Service Desk and show the receipt to our staff when you sign the child in.
  4. Cubbies are available for children to store their bags and shoes. The Y is not responsible for any personal items.
  5. For safety, medical, and sanitary reasons, food is not allowed in the KidZone with the exception of bottles for infants.
  6. The KidZone believes in a core value based discipline policy. Rather than simply being told “no,” children will be redirected to another more positive activity whenever possible. If a time-out is needed, children will sit out one minute for each year of their age before reentering the activity.
  7. Parents must remain in the Y facility for the duration of their child’s time in the KidZone.
  8. To reduce and avoid health risks for children, staff, and members, please do not bring your children if they are sick.

The KidZone services do not fall under child daycare licensing regulation and are not licensed due to the limited number of hours a child is allowed to attend and the requirement that parents remain in the building.
If you are a first-time member, a KidZone staff member would be glad to give you an orientation into our program including drop-off and pick-up procedures.