The Y achieves its mission one person at a time. Our success is driven by the passion, enthusiasm, and dedication of our employees.

  • Bev Thiel
  • Executive Director, Spartan Stores YMCA Interim Director, Visser Family YMCA
  • Dixie Dreyer
  • Health & Wellness Director
  • Sara Johnstin
  • Childcare Director, Holland Sites
  • Heather Rangel
  • Membership Director

Personal Trainers

Rich is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Enriched with six years of personal and group training experience in the military, he is delighted to share his knowledge to help unlock your potential to be a better you from everything between beginning your lifestyle changes to advanced routines

Joy is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has been a dedicated trainer and group exercise instructor for over 10 years and is very passionate for fitness, strength training, and overall good health.

Paula is ISSA certified and has been practicing for 13 years. She is also Indoor Cycle Certified and loves teaching cycle classes. Paula has ben in body building competitions, and really enjoys training for them. She has a passion for training people struggling with weight management and overweight obese clients.

Kym holds many certifications. She is NASM certified, AFAA & ACE group ex certified, yoga fit certified, silver sneakers certified, and cycle certified. Kym enjoys all aspects of fitness from strength to running competitvely. She uses congitive behavioral therapy to help clients lose weight and keep it off.

Tyler (T-Bone) is NSCA, NASM, and AASDN certified. As a former college and pro athlete, he has a strong passion for exercise, sports, and nutrition. T-Bone loves working out and looks forward to helping and motivating all his clients to achieve and surpass their training goals.

Connie is personal trainer certified from ACE & Lifestyle and Weight Managment from ACE. She is also AFAA Group Exercise certified. Connie holds a bachelor’s of Science in Business and Marketing. She specializes in adult strength, weight loss programming and spinal/structural concerns. Connie has overcome great adversities with scoliosis, and avoiding a second spinal fusion using strength and flexibility work. Her experience in overcoming such obstacles gives her the ability to help her clients in overcoming theirs.

Casey has a Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Administration and holds a two year degree in Exercise Science. His personal training can focus on sports-specific workouts for an individual or groups. He’s dedicated to the building, recovery, and growth of our bodies to perform at healthy level.